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Few vegetables taste of summer sun more than tomatoes. Although at their best when in season from July through to September, tomatoes can found year round. There are many varieties of tomatoes, in varying sizes, shapes, and colour.


Loaded with a variety of vital nutrients, tomatoes are very versatile. Whether you eat tomato soup, tomato sauce, tomato chunks in salad, tomato slices on a sandwich, or tomato juice increase your intake of tomatoes…a yummy addition to a heart-healthy and cancer-preventing diet.

Lisa Fouladi Balance Ur Bod Nutrition Consultancy

Lisa, principle consultant and founder of balance ur bod nutrition consultancy is a qualified nutrition therapist (dip.ION), a Nutrition Therapy Council registered practitioner, and a current member of the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutrition Therapy (BANT) and is bound by their codes of ethics and practice. She is fully insured, and dedicated to continuous study of current research and industry developments through Continued Professional Development (CPD).

In keeping with her quest for knowledge, Lisa is currently enrolled in yet another degree program, an MSc at the University of London (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) which she hopes to complete someday.

Although based in Zürich, Switzerland, she sees clients in the Geneva area, in Germany (Münster area) and in the UK (London and Windsor areas).

Lisa conducts one to one consultations with clients, advising on all aspects of nutrition and the effect food and lifestyle choices have on health and well being. Lisa works closely with her clients, assessing and identifying imbalances and individual needs, and supporting them in making the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes. She is deeply committed to supporting her client’s health through nutrition and stays at their side throughout the process.